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Senor Frogs

Senor Frogs Photo, Nassau, Bahamas

Senor Frog's is probably the most well known party place in Nassau. It is a Mexican chain restaurant which can be loaded with tourists looking for a good time depending on the time of day.

On one side is the restaurant area with tables and silverware. It was here we ate one night. This area is very beautiful and scenic since it overlooks the harbor and you can see ships in the distance. We ate chicken fajitas with rice which was pretty good. They give nice portions for prices which ranges from $12 to $25. I would call these dishes more Tex-Mex rather than authentic Mexican fare.

There is a bar and dance area where they play some good music at times. Here there is music and dancing, conga lines, karaoke, and a party atmosphere. Remember, free drinks are given to those that join the conga or karaoke. This is a really fun place to stop for a cold drink. Stay away from the Strawberry Daiquiris they were a bit too syrupy sweet for me and my friends taste. There are some cool glow in the dark neon signs hung around the place that are funny to read.

For us this place was hit or miss depending on the time we went. When cruise ships disembark many of their passengers walk here. I suspect during spring break the party would last the whole night through.

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