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Duval Street

Dog-cat-mouse. Photo, Key West, Florida

Duval Street is the colorful street tourists crowd during the day and the place where serious party-types gather at night. Drinking is an institution in Key West accompanied by load music. There are three types of music: Loud, Extremely Loud, and Instant Ear Damage. Pub crawls are a common activity. We were told there are three all nude bars, gay bars, lesbian bars and for Parrotheads...Margaritaville. We walked the street after sunset, but stayed out of the bars.

Dog-Cat-Mouse, nationally renowned Sunset Ceremony street performers had relocated to Duval Street. Bill had seen a street performer on TV being interviewed by Tom Brokow. This guy's “act” was to have his pets form a then cat then mouse on top. He has been a fixture at the sunset ceremony for a long time. We didn’t see him in the square, but we practically tripped over them walking up Duval Street. Bill handed me some money to put in the “hat” so I could take a picture. Despite flashing cameras the beasties remained very, very passive. I did notice there were spare mice in the bucket...just in case. The guy reminded me of the comic Gallagher.

When we turned onto the street that led to our bed and breakfast, I experienced a little apprehension. Within a block of the noise and activity of Duval Street we found street people curled up asleep on steps leading to houses. At least they won’t freeze to death in this climate.

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