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Fighting Photo, Salvador, Brazil

This is everything in Brazil. No matter where you go you can see capoeira. This is a form of martial arts done to a Samba beet that was invented by slaves in Brazil. They were forbidden to learn a form of self-defense so they created Capoeira. This was a style of fighting that looks like dancing. It was done to Samba music, so when the slave masters were coming a look out would warn the people playing the music. They would change the beet slightly signaling for the fighters to break into dancing

If you have the time I suggest taking a class. It will cost about $20 and last an hour. There are several places in the Cidade Alta where you can take a class. It is the most invigorating thing I ever done. By the end of the class you are so sweaty, but never so energized. This is easily seen in any capoeira performance. The performers are always more amazing at the end then at the beginning.

If you aren’t interested in a class, take in a show. The dinners are usually over priced and bad, the show more then makes up for it. These shows usually fall along the same lines. They tell the stories of the Afro-Brazilian gods though the form of dance. At the end the capoeira performers come out. They end up flipping off the walls. Sometimes they even pull the people in the audience up on stage to dance with them.

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