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OK time to get real. No more blogging and down to the basics. Recently we had Quests from Belgium (Belgian relatives, bless em). They sent us their itinerary first, very thorough these Belgians, and planned in advance to stay a week with us. It was the perahera final week, this year and so they asked me to book them seats.

Actually this year was not as busy as usual. Many people were worried because of all the problems in the country. I walked past the route almost everyday for the final week,(Picking up my daughter who was working at the vet school Peradenia, Incidentally she also was one of the vets that accompanied the perahera) There was actually a threat made to the Queens hotel, (I didn’t tell them that) but I did mention that the president would be viewing from the Queens on the last day, but they insisted on wanting to see the final night perahera. So, I booked seats for the Queens and they said after that it was the best possible place As it turned out the president plans changed at the last minute for the final ‘day’ perahera, instead of the final night, so he came the next day. That was a Sunday and I had to go into town twice that day; to send packages by post. That’s how I know the president was there; three wheelers kept off the streets, no beggars and thousands of police? Check points.

I had a package to deliver (which looked just like a possible bomb). When I reached the first check point. I was naturally searched. I had the package in one hand (bomb) and held my arms out while undergoing a thorough search. The policeman asked what I had in my pockets so I had to put the package, (bomb shaped) under my arm while I showed him my pen and wallet. Then I went on my way. The same thing happened at the next checkpoint. In the end I found a way of avoiding the check point altogether, but I can’t say how. After all, there were over 7 thousand police on duty in Kandy and I would rather support them than terrorism.

Anyway this was the ‘Belgian’ Itinerary, which I think was ok to see Sri Lanka, although they got a driver, which I would avoid. This is their program;

Our program: Day 1. Colombo Hotel Taj Samudra. We'll visit some things in and around Colombo also on Day2 Day3. Dambulla. Hotel Amaya Lake. Visit : Anuradhapura and Mihintale; Polonnaruwa; Minneriya National Park; Sigirya; Dambulla Day4 We are with you in Kandy and we leave you Day10 The chauffeur stays with us. Do you have place to stay with you for our friends (man and wife), the chauffeur and for us ? They can't buy tickets for us for the Perahera. Please do you want to do that for us? The Perahera is on the 9th of August.

We didn't organize our days in Kandy because our friends and we want to enjoy from the real life in Sri-Lanka. It is not the same as in a hotel. So we are at your place for 6 nights.
Day11 Nuwara Eliya Grand Hotel- visit Horton Plains
Day12 Arugam Bay Star Dust Hotel
Day12 Kataragama Rosen Renaissance Hotel -Safari in Yala Park
Day13 southcoast, visit Blowhole, Mulkirigale, Wevurukannala, Galle. One night in Lady Hill Hotel.
Day14 Negombo and back to the airport.

Please can you give me the number of your mobile phone. The hole number as I have to use it.
So we wait for news from you.
I hope this may give just one idea of a roundish trip to Sri Lanka. If anyone would like other ideas, they could read more of my stuff or send me a message. Mainly I wanted to add pictures of the ‘Belgium’ trip and a few my daughter took of the perahera. From a vets perspective.

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