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Sea Mist Resort

These are a bunch of motels in the same area owned by the same guy under one name: Sea Mist. Because of all these motels, there are 10to 15 pools. There is a family package where you can get access to the water parks and theme park and have free breakfast for the entire family (for one day) at Tena's Restaurant. This place has a lazy river in one of its smaller water parks. It's like 4 bucks a day if you don't get the package, which isn't bad. Besides the pool, they also have an indoor sauna and steam room. They have an arcade and lounge/bar with many pool tables.

I went there recently on a family vacation and have gone previously as well. Make sure you don't get oceanfront, as the flooring on the first floors is really bad. My dad the Civil Engineer/Project Manager found code violations in his hotel room, with the bedroom not having any windows. We had a water leak when it rained coming from/behind the A/C unit. It was pretty big but bearable after we put all the towels down and moved everything away from that area.

The best thing is that when we complained, they gave us $50 off, two days of free breakfast for the entire family at their restaurant (46-item buffet), and four coupons for free drinks at the lounge on their site. I think they are really good at keeping the customer happy, because there is always something going wrong.

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