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Town Café

Travel Photo by IgoUgo member

210 South Fifth Street near the university

This Middle Eastern restaurant just opened about 2 months ago and is quite close to the university. It is a small restaurant with some good middle eastern food. We ate some appetizers of Kibbeh and Dolma. Kibbeh are tasty oval shaped balls stuffed with ground lamb and yogurt. Dolma is similar to the Greek stuffed grape leaves. They are vine leaves stuffed with rice and ground meat. Dolma is a bit dryer than the Greek grape leaves. The food was good and the waitress kept asking what we needed.

After eating, my friends smoked the hookah, which is a traditional Middle Eastern smoking pipe. The tobacco smoke is filtered though some water at the bottom. The smoke comes in a variety of flavors, such as apple and watermelon. My friends tried and enjoyed the apple flavor. I didn’t try it, since I don’t smoke, but it was funny watching them make smoke rings and pretending they were smoking a bong.

My friends were trying to figure out how to relight the coal for the pipe when a Middle Eastern gentleman from the next table helped them light. He stated that to enhance the flavor we should order some mint tea, which we did. We talked about various places to travel, how Detroit had changed, and how he always wanted to have a house on the water and now he had two. When the tea did come, my friends said the gentleman was right.

Now, when school is out, you can sit down and actually hear the conversation since the place is new and not crowded. I suspect once September rolls around, the place will start getting buzz from the college kids close by, across the street, and the place will be packed.

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