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The Hands on Museum

Travel Photo by IgoUgo member

220 E Ann Street Ann Arbor, MI 48104

This is a pretty cool hands on museum geared towards kids. One the first floor you can create you own floor plans for a house and build a chimney. You can learn how a toilet works by flushing a toilet that is cut in half. We laughed since it brought to mind a certain episode of jackass. Walking around you find out how gears and brakes work by turning wheels and pushing different buttons.

When you walk upstairs different piano keyboard notes are played. My friend kept hopping up and down the stairs. There is an organ that you play with sandals that sound like the tubes the Blue Man’s group plays. My friend was considering taking of their slippers to better play this. There is a large keyboard that you jump on to play notes it was cool to see people doing this. There is a tornado wind tunnel that forms a mini tornado inside it and a wand that can form a soap bubble around you.

A computer exhibit can show you how to design, advertise and market a pen. Also cool was creating a code so you friend on the other end could for example touch their nose or stand on their toes. On this level there is a general store were you can see old advertising posters and prices for various items, here you could see how much 10c could buy you back in those days and try a working antique radio.

Bottom line is that this museum is hands on fun for kids and the parents that take them. We just stumbled upon the museum after eating and having a few drinks. Since we had nothing to do we went in and we had a good time. Admission is $7 and free for those under 2 years old.

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