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Mantis Curve Photo, Sandusky, Ohio

Mantis, which opened in 1996, is a stand-up coaster built by the same company that built Raptor two years early, Bolliger and Mabillard. Usually their roller coasters are quite smooth, but Mantis is a bit rough and hard to re-ride. It is 145 feet tall with four inversions, including the first inclined loop ever built. The first half of the ride is smooth and very fun, but the second half after the breaks can get a little uncomfortable, so brace yourself!

I always ride the front row of this ride as I feel that any other seat isn't worth riding at all. Because you're standing up it is an interesting perspective seeing the track in front of you. The front takes no more than 10 extra minutes and I think it's worth it.

The line is shortest for this at the beginning and end of the day. Because it isn't worth an incredibly long line, try either of those times. From noon until 5 or 6 the line will be the longest. I'd also recommend not riding this after a meal.

The height for Mantis, as with most coasters with inversions, is a little taller at 56 inches. If you are also an extremely tall person you might run into some issues as well. This is not a must-ride, but it is a different experience than most coasters. If the line is short, give it a try!

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