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Baylor University

My son in front of the bears Photo, Waco, Texas

Baylor University is one of the nicest college campuses I have ever been too. I have been there several times for several different purposes. Baylor is a private school in the Big 10 conference and are good in sports like baseball, track and cross-country. In fact a top Olympic runner went to school at Baylor and ran there for several years. Michael Johnson. I think he holds a few records in either the 400-meter run or the 200-meter run.

The first time I visited the Baylor campus was for a cross-country camp. I stayed a week in the dorms and eat at one of the dinning halls. The dorms were pretty nice for a college campus and the food was much better than anything I have had here at Tarleton. The campus was big so it gave us several places to run and enjoy the scenery of the campus. The area around the college is pretty nice, it has a very college fell to it, with coffee shops, hang- outs and places to study and eat and mingle.

The second time I visited Baylor was on a road trip. A friend and I drove out for the day and walked around taking pictures and meeting people. Baylor’s mascot is a bear (The Baylor Bears) and they keep a live bear in a enclosed area for people to see. He is the schools bear/ mascot and makes a great sight to see to visiting people. Also open to the public is the campus chapel. My friend and I decided to go in, take a few pictures and sit to have some quite time, before making the rest of our adventure. The campus is very green and there is lots of shade to stop and rest. I love going to walk around the campus and see how pretty it is.

The third time I have been to Baylor I actually went to a track meet. So I was technically not on the campus but at an event. I went to see Michael Johnson run in 1999. He still ran for Baylor, but he ran unattached, which is what you do when you have run your 4 years as a college student. The stadium there is big and is a great place to be able to see the whole track. I was able to see Michael Johnson very well and even got to talk to him after his race.

I encourage visiting Baylor campus. It is a pretty place and makes a great adventure. If nothing else at least drive through where you can.

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