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Roomful of Filipino paintings and sculptures

Travel Photo by IgoUgo member

The tour guide told us a story wherein two Filipinos bagged the first and second prize at a Madrid painting competition. Giving a toast for the winners, the national hero, Jose Rizal, said that if Filipinos can win over its colonizers through arts, then they can definitely do the same in politics. Such statement was so controversial it sparked the Filipino movement in the 19th century that led to a revolt that gave birth to the Philippine Republic.

The paintings and sculptures of Filipino National Artists gave life to the simple living of its natives as well as the struggles and sufferings it endured under foreign rule. The room that housed the Filipino paintings and sculptures is well-lighted and provides a majestic view of the Rizal Park. Through the window, Filipino hero Lapu-Lapu stands tall and proud in the center of the park. The Tourism building looms from behind. If you visit the National Museum of the Filipino People, never miss out on this section because the colorful stuffs are found here.

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