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1 day Jeep Tour, in and Around Varna / Goldensand

driver Photo, Varna, Bulgaria

1 day jeep tour around golden sand city, Bulgarien.

In June 2006 i was in Bulgarian, golden sand.

I went on a 1 day jeep tour in and around golden sand city.
Which is quiet fun and a good way to spend the day away from the beach.

It is very easy to find and join such a tour, all over the city and the beach their are shops and people selling jeep tours, boat trips and all kind of tours.

I picked the jeep tour because the photos of the trip looked nice, i thought it would be a fun trip.

After paying for the trip ( at the pick up place, the same day )
We started the drive, at first it was a slow drive on the roads around the city.
But soon we started to go off road, the jeeps we was driving in was old Russian jeeps.
Really old and not in the best shape, the jeep i was in broke down 2 times, but the driver fixed it in no time.
So that was just adding the fun.

We drove in the hills, over small water streams, true large water holes. And had a blast.
The lunch was inc. the price ( the hole trip cost 40 US.) and was served in a pretty field whit huge trees around us.
A realy great spot.

To top of the day, we had a group of Russian people in a jeep that follow the same route as we did, and they had theary share of vodka. LOL

the hole trip is about 7-8 hours, and you are quite tired when you arrive back to the city.

All in all, a GREAT way to spend a day.

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