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Security warning 23/07/2006

The security situation in Bamako has changed drastically in the past few weeks. Violent crime has increased dramatically and 40 prisoners escaped from Kati prison on 23rd July and only 2 have been recaptured. These prisoners included murderers, robbers and rapists. The Police have cautioned that these individuals should be regarded as highly dangerous and capable of securing weapons. The crime rate has escalated even more since this mass escape. The main areas affected are around the hotels in central Bamako, particularly the Hippodrome area and outlying areas where foreigners tend to live such as Badalabougou. The majority of reports suggest most of these activities occur between the hours of 2300-0600, but evidence suggest random incidents occur outside of night-time hours. The Police have confirmed an increase in gun assaults in the vicinity of Hippodrome, and have voiced concerns of a rise in these activities in the RUE PRINCESSE section of Hippodrome (street where BLA BLA and LA TERASSE are located). Police have shared reports of tourists patronizing hotels in the area have been the victim of repeated muggings in the area.

Precautions: It is wise not to take a taxi late at night, travel across town or walk the streets. Take reasonable security precautions at all times - do not wear flashy jewellery, talk on a mobile phone in the street and make sure all doors are locked.

Owing to strained resources, coverage and response times of Police personnel are severely limited, or absent in many residential areas, essentially removing the deterrent for many of these criminal elements to operate. Please report incidents to Post One: +223 222 5470 x117

Phone: +223 222 5470 x117

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