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Kite Boarding

Are you into the one of the latest sports out--kite boarding?

Well, Auckland is a great place to pursue this pastime. There are plenty of bays and beaches, with varying types of water conditions to select from, so long as the wind conditions are right.

There are many small bays with flat, calm waters or slightly choppy waters with small white-water crests. Then there are surf beaches with varying sized waves. The choice is yours.

Dale’s nephew, Colin, has given him a kite so he can bring it back to Australia to give the sport a go--and he is as keen as.

While we were in Auckland, Dale joined Colin at one of the many northern suburbs bays on the Saturday before we flew out, so he could give him a few pointers.

The day was pretty gusty, with the occasional drop of wind, and the bay waters were a little bit choppy with small white-water crests. It wasn’t a good day to be doing tricks and jumps, but good enough to show Dale the ropes.

I didn’t go for the trip, but I have seen the photos and video Dale took, and although it was a coolish day, it appears that a good time was had by all.

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