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Tret Fure, Part II

Singer-songwriter, Tret Fure, at Madison Pride in Madison, WI. Photo, Madison, Wisconsin

She sang numerous songs that were in the contemporary circle. Many addressed to what was going on around us. One was in her own words, “ A rant against George W. Bush” and it was entitled, “Eyes of God”. Part of the lyrics of this song is the following:

“So we march in boot and loud command
That this country could demand the fate of all
That a president could dictate
What is absolute and wrong
That everything is fixable
And everyone is strong”

What seemed to be one of Fure’s favorite song among the lesbian crowd (probably because many whom attended this event was over 40 years of age) was the song entitled “Anytime, Anywhere”. Fure wrote this song because a young entertainer (in her 20’s) that was playing at the same venue that she was asked her how old she was at that time. Fure, retorted she was 52 . And the young woman made a comment that she couldn’t believe that she was that age because she was “hot”. She said she took that as an insult because that meant she can’t be both 52 and “hot”. Consequently, according to Fure, she wrote this song in response to that statement. Part of the lyrics to that song is the following:

“I’m an older woman now
Doesn’t mean that I am dead
More than anything it means
I’m more alive inside my head
I’m not talking ethereal
We’re physically bred
I can talk you in circles
And I can talk you into bed”

I highly recommend you see this artist. The day we saw her she had a drummer and a bass guitarist accompany her. She gives her heart and soul in both her lyrics and her singing. After seeing her perform that day, my partner and I met her and purchased her latest CD called “Anytime, Anywhere”. This is of course, named after her song entitled the same. What dominates this album is its acoustic guitars and various percussion instruments. Along with this, her lyrics and vocals are strong and you can experience her love for life in them.

For bookings and publicity, Tret Fure can be reached at the following telephone numbers: 608-242-1887 (office) or 608-469-4007 (direct) or by email You can also order her Cds , clothing and cookbook by going to

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