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Tret Fure

Singer-songwriter, Tret Fure, at Madison Pride in Madison, WI. Photo, Madison, Wisconsin

Ms. Fure is a singer-songwriter, music producer, instrumentalist and engineer. She has made it big nationally. She has played numerous venues which includes the National Women’s Festival and Olivia Cruise Lines. Her music consists of folk, jazz and blues.

She hails from the Midwest. Ms. Fure made her first self-titled solo album in 1973 on MCA records. However, later she became the first staff producer and engineer for Olivia Records which was a women’s music label. She also assisted Chris Williamson (her lover at that time) by engineering a children’s record for her. Together these ladies had both a business and personal relationship. They recorded a few records and did a lot of concerts together.

Fairly recently,(2004) Ms. Fure was the Winner of the 2004 South Florida Folk Festival Singer/Songwriter Competition, Best Up-Tempo and Best Overall. She was also the 2004 Winner of the Phyllis Schliessman Award for Outstanding Contributions to Women's Music.

Today, Fure continues to record her music on her own label called Tomboy girl Records and have concert tours. Along with this, she and her current partner, Jane Weldon, own a retail store in Madison, WI, produce a series called Music & Comedy in Madison and host the festival, Tomboy girl Fest . Fure has also published a cookbook called Tret’s Kitchen. Besides this, she is the Vice President on the executive board of the Local 1000 traveling Musicians Association (a union that helps traveling musicians discover security and longevity).

My partner and I was fortunate enough to see her perform at Madison Pride. The day my partner and I saw Ms. Fure, it was like seeing a little firecracker explode. She would jump around occasionally on stage with her guitar in hand; and at times bellowing out her lyrics to a few of her songs.

What I liked about this artist is that she would introduce her songs by telling the audience where she was and how the lyrics came to her. For instance, the song called “When the Wind Blows” came to her when she was traveling on a subway from Brooklyn ,New York to Manhattan, New York. She was captivated at what she saw during her time on the subway. As a result of this, she wrote this song. The lyrics talked about the various signs of destruction in the city such as graffiti on the rooftops of buildings and buildings boarded up and the different kind of people she would see. And how each person has a story to tell and how sometimes we fail to reach out to someone because we are scared of our surroundings or we live so far away from it. And that we should give others a chance, and be friendly to them.

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