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Rustic Life at the Rosita's Beach Island

Travel Photo by IgoUgo member

As our boat chugged around the islands, we approached a solitary islet which has empty picnic huts and lush green trees. Coconut trees became more distinct as we approached the isle. Coral, seaweed, and sea urchins dotted the shallow sea bed.

We got off the boat and proceeded to the picnic huts as we put down our stuff to get ready for a saunter at the beach. We were really gearing for a swim but there were just so much seaweed and coral which are not ideal for swimming. It was a bit weird to stroll along the shores because the soft brown sand has a marshy texture that made our feet stick to the ground whenever we step on it.

With the sun shining hot on a high noon, we got back to the huts and enjoyed the wind, the calmness of the surroundings until some of us drifted off to sleep. This relaxing moment is something we couldn’t enjoy in the fast-paced life in the urban cities. What’s more, the rustic lifestyle in these non-commercialized islands made us feel closer to nature.

But it wasn’t a wasted afternoon because we just had a sumptuous simple meal which included fresh mangoes, grilled fish, seafood, and chicken. We had several fresh coconuts afterwards. It was very private there and we had the islet all to ourselves. Life there was simple, very laidback and relaxing without the usual luxuries that most island resorts offer.

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