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Island Hopping Our Way

Travel Photo by IgoUgo member

There are several islets off the shore of Albay. It must be because of the presence of Mayon that these islands were born due to its volcanic eruptions and activities. Some where uninhibited while there are some that were being developed as a beach resort. But what’s good with the resorts there was that they weren’t commercialized and still maintained their natural beauty.

We boarded a small pump boat in the local port of Sto. Domingo, Albay. The boat is part of a tour package we obtained from the Tourism office. Our guide was with us giving us background of the places we will be visiting. The boat took us to various islands off the shore of the small town.

It seemed like eternity before we reached the end of the mainland and then islets started appearing in front of our very eyes. It was such a wonder to see some small huts with smoke coming out of it in the islands. There was a cable that connects the main land with the small islets but it was obviously no longer being used and has just become one of the landmarks where guides can take their visitors.

We stopped in one of the islands because our guide has to drop off something to a family. I don’t think the courier ever reaches their place that’s why they rely on people working in tourist offices and agencies as well as with fisher folk to deliver and receive letters and packages.

The sun was up and there are parts of the water that are shallow which makes it easy for people to cross from one islet to another. But you can never really be sure because there are certain points where the water suddenly becomes deep.

As we emerged from the groups of isles towards to open sea, we were astounded to find the beauty of Mayon volcano, with its perfect cone, with the blue waters in the foreground. Such a breathtaking view that I can say would be my trophy for coming all the way here.

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