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Picture of Love and Hope in Swaziland.

The warmth of a Snuggle! Swaziland. Photo,

This review is about the love and hope that the RMC of Illinois missionary students gave to the children and orphans of the Bulembu town at the Valley of Hope and the surrounding area in Swaziland.

The faces, the smiles, the love, the tenderness, the need, and the hope. Hope is the purpose of this project. Once a private mining town, now given to Empower Africa and the organization of the Valley of Hope, they are working to restore an area torn apart by AIDS. It is also a beautiful part of the continent, full of lush mountains, and woods.

My son was one of the students, his stories were unbelievable about some of these children. But they are resilient and resourceful. The children in the village are even more needy...they have nothing. My son said he saw some children using their own shoes to pretend that they were toy cars to play with. Perhaps in their own way they have a lot and know how to make the best of every situation.

Look at the faces and smiles...if you see one thing, you will see HOPE.

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