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Bulembu, a Mining Town in Swaziland

Part of the village of Bulembu, Swaziland. Photo, Swaziland, Africa

Bulembu, Swaziland in Africa is an unusual situation besides the fact that it was once a prosperous old mining town. It now houses people who are being aided and helped to re-populate and fight the terrible odds of becoming extinct in the next quarter of a century. It is the hope of many to bring it back as a Town of Orphans. Families and foster parents will be trained to raise these orphans in a Godly manner so they can help stop the spread of AIDS. One, or several of the orphans will be placed with a foster home. It's isolation aids in that effort.

The students from RMC Discipleship School in Illinois have also participated in that effort by traveling and staying in Bulembu for a period of time. These photos in this journal were taken by these students, my son being one of them. They painted walls and floors and outsides of buildings that needed work, they gave love and played with the many orphans, they fed the babies in the ABC House, they gave out food and clothing to the older people in the community and surrounding communities. They experienced a need so great that it is overwhelming.


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