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Pismo Beach

Our next stop, and actually the first stop that really warranted us to take some pictures, was Pismo Beach. In fact, if we had to do it over, we would have made Pismo Beach our first stop and spent a longer amount of time here. We also switched over to Highway 1 after Pismo Beach. Until Pismo Beach we used Highway 101 to come north.

The sand at Pismo Beach was exquisite. It was so fine and white. Even after Waikiki, we found the sand at Pismo Beach to be much more pleasant to be walking around in. There was also next to no one on the Beach. It was quite peaceful.

I also saw a RV park at which you can reserve space. There was also a place to reserve a campsite. It is $5 to enter the beach with your vehicle. We just pulled into the parking lot behind a sea food restaurant and went on the beach without having to pay for our vehicle.

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