Las Vegas Stories and Tips

Part 4. Arriving in Las Vegas

Between St. George, Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada, the Interstate highway enters the Virgin River Canyon Gorge for a 35-mile drive across a small corner of Arizona. It is amazing to us that Arizona paid for this obviously costly roadway, as it serves no benefit for that state. But what a ride! Entering Nevada we stopped for gas at Mesquite. They not only were boasting 108ºF, their gas pumps were out of order. We’re in Nevada 5 minutes and already being disappointed by a one armed bandit!

The scenery continued to be extraordinarily bleak. Then a yellow hazy cloud appeared on the horizon. As we neared, I picked out the shape of a space needle…it was the Stratosphere! I will never forget that yellow cloud. I could see respiratory problems in my future. To be continued in the journal: Nothing Vague about Vegas

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