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Secret Waterfalls

Our Rasta Guide Photo, St. Lucia, Caribbean

We had gone to a variety of waterfalls around Soufriere, but had continually been disappointed by the fact that we were usually one of several couples at the same place. We wanted something a little more isolated that felt a bit more special. Our driver knew there were some pretty isolated waterfalls near Canaries (a town about 15 minutes north of Soufriere), but he wasn't sure exactly how to get there. He called his older brother (who was the owner of the car) who came to take over as our guide, because we would have to drive a little ways off the main road. We followed a road that ran next to the river through the city (it was more like a tiny town and a stream but it was very interesting). Kids were playing soccer on some big fields, women were washing clothes in the river and goats and dogs were walking all over the place. We continued until the road got a lot rougher and started to climb up a mountain. After several minutes, the guide acknowledged that he didn't really know exactly where he was going, but he knew where he could ask someone for help. We came to a small hut and were amazed to find that about fifteen 'Rasta' men were naked in the hut. One of them put on some clothes and came to the window (where he posed for a couple of pictures and volunteered to take us farther on foot). He didn't have any shoes yet he walked over the rocky, steep terrain as if it was nothing. We were twisting our ankles, dodging holes and scrambling to keep up with this guy (the driver stayed in the car). We started to get a little worried the farther back we went. It didn't help that we occassionally passed locals with big machettes and were about as isolated as you could be on this island. The hike was incredible as we saw the type of unspoiled beauty we really wanted to see. Every now and then we would pass a small hut where a family lived and they would look at us a little warily. Finally, after about 45 minutes of hiking we came to some very beautiful waterfalls. It was well worth the hike because the terrain was so beautiful, but we hadn't planned our trip very well so we had to leave within 5 minutes due to the approaching darkness (I definitely did not want to be in a dense rain forest in the dark trying to keep up with this guy). We doubletimed it back to the car and ran into a pickup truck on a little side road. We got a ride in the back of the pickup (which turned out to be even more hair raising than the anything else as we were on a tiny dirt road with the wheels of the truck within inches of plunging over the side of several very high dropoffs). At the end we smoked a joint as a show of friendship and thanks to our guide and then headed back to the resort.

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