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Snow Hotels and Glass Igloos

Have you ever felt like sleeping in a room made out of snow? For the more daring, you can stay inside the snow hotels located on the Hotel Kakslauttanen complex. These hotels are basically rooms made entirely of snow and ice. Everything from the beds to the tables are made of ice. Don't worry, reindeer skins are laid down onto the ice bed block to keep you warm, and each person is given a heavy-duty sleeping bag that cinches up, exposing only your face. There's even a honeymoon suite for those who want to spend their wedding night cozying up to each other in the cold. To go along with the honeymoon theme, the suite has romantic cupid and angel carvings on the ice walls.

For those just interested in spending an evening under the stars and being surrounded by nature minus ice cold temperatures, there's the option of staying in the glass igloos. These glass structures are completely transparent and built in the shape of an igloo (an idea dreamt up by owner Jussi Eiramo). The best part is, you can sleep comfortably with an incredible sky view, while the temperature is kept toasty inside. There's even a private bathroom in each igloo. The zebra skin patterned bed covers are a very hip added touch. Remember to turn the lights off before you change into your pj's. There are no curtains in this glass igloo, so you can even see your neighbors.

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