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Amazon River People

On the Amazon Photo, Amazon River, Peru

The people who live along the Amazon are among the nicest people I've met. They are open and trusting and usually smmiling. This is especially true of the children.

We stopped at a variety of local river villages and were always met by a hoard of children running down the river banks towards our boat. While we walked around their village they all walked carefully around us giggling and whispering. I felt like the Pied Piper as the village emptied of children and followed me around.

The river people don't have electricity or running water or many of the simple things that we find essential and take for granted. During the day the men go out to hunt, fish or farm while the women tend the village. When not in school, the children play in the jungle or along the river banks swimming or canoeing. One of my favorite scenes was a group of ten small naked children running along the riverbank as our boat passed laughing, waving and finally jumping off the bank into the river.

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