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Random Tips For Budget Travellers

Getting around: There is a Gecko bus running between all the major resorts and IGA supermarket. It's $4 per trip. We bought 7 day pass for $33 each. You can't rent a car for half a day for that. You can print out the fee and schedule online before the trip. The bus is scheduled to run every half hour, but don't count on it. There are only 2-3 buses total. They break, drivers take detours or skip a stop here and there. However, island people are friendly, if you ask, they will call the Gecko bus and the bright red van will show up in no time. You are on vacation in the Caribbean, time should be the last thing to be stressed about.

Food: It is expensive. IGA supermarket - I come from New York and still got the sticker shock. Alcohol and drinking water are comparable to the States, forget everything else ($2.50 for ONE golden apple). Hot roasted jerk chicken is an exceptional value ($7 for a whole chicken and tastes quite good). Bring some energy bars and instant noodles to the island yourself if you want to spend money on other things (diving and fishing like we did). Restaurants - eat big lunches, $10-15 per entree. They are not extravagant, but worth the money. You can get better food in the states for the money you pay for dinners.

Where to stay: Caribbean Paradise Inn, Turtle Cove or Comfort Suites. Paradise (see my other entry for details about this small hotel) is across the street from Grace Bay Club Resort. Turtle Cove - You will have to walk a little to get to the beach. Comfort Suites is 10 minutes away Grace Bay Club if you walk slowly, and it's at Ports of Call (one of Gecko stop, where Barefoot Cafe is). Don't try Airport Inn. It's too far from anything else and looks just awful.

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