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Days 1-3

Well, I actually started this hike on Saturday, but eh, what can ya do? Day 1-Went from the Dewitt starting point and made about 3 miles. On Day 2, I went with Jaime and Al up to the Kirkville Road stop. I realized I haven't hiked that much since last fall, and was quite stiff. Came across the bridge to Green Lakes Park. Will have to remember this spot for photo op later. Day 3 (which was yesterday) was viciously threatened by Canadian geese. They may not look like much, but make sure to protect your ankles! Made it all the way to Chittenango Canal Museum. About a half mile before that, there was a neat part where there was a creek that ran underneath the canal. The flowers are beautiful this time of year. So, 12 miles closer to finishing up the first 36 mile segment!

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