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RC- Cozumel

Royal Carribbean Splendor Of the Seas Photo, Cozumel, Mexico

Overall the trip was grand, I wouldn’t recommend it for a first time cruise goer though. Due to recent hurricane activity they failed to mention when booking the cruise that the locations would be tendered, which I feel left quite a few people stranded on the boat and upset quite a few who were more sensitive to motion sickness.

Other than that, expect a great cruise, we enjoyed the solitude of the ship, but I think that it compares with Carnival when it comes to activities and it allows you to do as much or as little as you like. I would recommend that you book a cruise in the winter, if it is not a family vacation. The people seem more relaxed and the weather is much better, we experienced on night of inclement weather, but from my cruising experience in the summer, it is about the same.

Also, cruising in the winter may save you a bit of money. I did notice that some of the vendors in the ports of call actually had lower prices on some of my key items that I was returning to buy, that I had paid more for in the summer months. So that may be helpful as well. If you consider the beach/snorkel tour while visiting, I may suggest that we bought ahead of time a snorkel set for $19 at Wal-Mart, we took a ferry to the most beautiful part of the beach for around 10 bucks and laid on the beach most of the day. It really saved us a lot of money from the preplanned excursions and they were only about 500 yards from where we were, and the best part was that it only cost us like $29 for the both of us!

Also, when you participate in a beach excursion they almost always mark up the alcohol, so sometimes walking a short distance to another vendor can save you quite a bit of money. Overall the experience on the Royal Caribbean was a good one, but like most we like cruising not only for the stops and excursions but also for the food and shows.

This particular ship is not the grandest in their fleet, but a nice priced getaway if you aren’t expecting much.

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