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Olympics in Greece: The First Return

I had to do it. I had longed to visit Greece; to roam the same grounds that Plato, Socrates did—those people that formed the modern democracy (and those whose bones would roll over in their graves if they knew what was going on these days... but I digress!). So the Olympics were finally returning. Just in time. I was really holding out to be a volunteer, but due to lack of finding advance accommodations and having very little usable skills, I was stuck roaming the grounds solo. My first solo big trip: to the place that even though they created "democracy" the women in ancient times couldn't leave the house alone... as a female that held significance for me, as almost everything I did!

I needed to visit the Oracle, get to know the sea, see some of the games and be a regular tourist... all in 2 weeks... although it was my dream trip and I worked part-time (extra) jobs for 3 years leading to the trip—the expenses of Greece made me try it on a budget, which I easily did without leaving anything out. Hotel package with transfer and tickets got me 7 nights in Athens (it was lovely that they let me split it up) and 6 nights on a sailboat traveling through the Cyclades Islands. I took my dream trip... and those who dreamed with me wanted to go after they heard my stories. It was a trip of a lifetime, one that I'll never be able to forget... not only because of the significance of the games and the location but because I did it entirely on my own and I learned so much about myself as I learned about ancient history, taking it in with my own five senses.

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