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Things You Should Know—Last Bit

There are two massive eagles in the area, and a few smaller ones, and common minor birds, as well as a few more spectacular humming birds and other varieties. Sri Lanka as a whole has crocodiles, bares, panther, wild cat, shark, and whales; and in the forests, some amazing beautiful birds. I like all animals, and am very pleased that Sri Lanka has so many.

Kandy; There is a kind of tradition about Kandy. When the British took the island from the Portuguese the Kandian territory held out and staged war. In the perverse manner of things; the people of the south blame Kandy people for not winning the war. Saying that;, the older people often have fond memories of the fine soap, biscuits and food from those Sudhas and have incredibly old fashioned English first names and sayings. I don’t believe in any form of Nationalism, it’s just unreal but, I think there was a very productive time, perhaps before then, when Kandy became a fine town and grew into the place it is. Compared to most of Sri Lanka, Kandy looks organized and mostly ‘works’.

In the past I have gone to a hardware shop in Colombo and asked for a nail and they didn’t know what to give me. There is a road of hardware shops in Kandy that have everything, will not cheat me and if they don’t have what I want will tell me where to get it, or ask me to take a seat while they ask the shop next door. That’s what Kandy is like; you can go to the post office (Seetha’s not the main one; which is a horrible nightmare of leucocratic self important monsters) and sit and write letters or wait for a friend or phone abroad or type a letter, send a fax or just take your sandwiches and watch the people, also the staff are great. Right next to Seta’s, my favorite (cheapest) Internet café has just moved; you have to go up the stairs at the side of Seetha’s. The last place they had looked exactly the same, they must have moved everything with numbers on. Anyway they charge 10 rs for a black and white print out which is five-times better than the place where all the tourists go (the coffee pot), there is a tiny little girl who seems to run it, she has short hair and big glasses and looks like a boy of 12. Always very friendly, although for colour prints she haggles, depending how much colour.

For places to eat there is; Devon’s, apparently run by people from the south (always good business people) and now it’s huge. For a really good take away meal; something like rice fish curry the place by the lake, temple side is probably nicer. Food is mostly rice and something. If they advertise Chinese it will still be rice and curry Sri Lankan style (the same),. One of my favorite tings is cotta rhotty (that’s how you pronounce it; probably the spelling is wrong). If you ever hear a kind of drumming on metal sound or someone throwing a kind of elastic dough into the air well, that’s cotta rhotty.

Sieni sambol is a sambol made with onions (seeny means sugar) Ordinarily rhotty is just flour and water and so in its normal state makes a kind of bread (small flat pieces) Malu rhotty is fish in rhotty coating (like a pasty) Short eats is all kinds of rolls (covered in breadcrumbs) patties and bread rolls. Normally when you order short eats, they bring a large tray and you pay for whatever you eat and leave the rest. For vegetarians must ask what is in the rolls/patties, it could well be meat. Eggs are really cheap now because of this chicken flu scare. Enough of food. Fil- lms; Now this may not interest you but, If you are looking for software there are several shops in Kandy that have almost any software you may want. I think this is due mostly to me giving them lists of all the most valuable programs.

I have lost track of how much something like "Maya" or "3D studio max" would cost in Europe, it must still be in the thousands, well in Kandy any software can be bought for 150rs. It is a copy, of course, but I make computer animation and so can use any program I might need. I suppose there is a bit of a virus risk, but what's the alternative. I used to make animation many years ago, and then worked in a factory for 15 years. It took about one year to teach myself the 3D software, the important thing is not that but that I have an inclination to make art with programs designed to make nonsense. Last year I stared to send my films away and had them shown in; London, Hamburg, Portugal, and Russia. I won the first prize (jointly) at the extra-short film festival in Novosibirsk, Russia. The software shops have any software and games. You can also buy DVDs of the latest films. I bought the Led Zeppelin one and hope one day to get a DVD player. Does anyone know how much a DVD burner would cost in Europe? If I had one, I could win more festivals. I’ll finish the films bit; if anyone is interested, I’d love to correspond... but probably it's travel that you are thinking of.

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