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Diving in Dominica

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We again dove with Cabrits Dive Centre because they are simply the best. They take great care of us, very uncrowed diving, care where you want to go and what you want to do, and most importantly they have great people. Helen and Pete, the owners, are super. They keep everything running smoothly, meet and greet all of the divers, dive with you whenever they can, and make you feel really at home. The instructors/dive master are all excellent. They know the spots, show you tons of stuff, and of course keep everyone safe without getting in the way of great diving. The diving was again spectacular.

Now that we knew some of the sites we liked, we got a chance to explore them more and really enjoy their beauty. Toucari Caves, with its incredible coral heads and swim throughs is a must do. After the swim through you go on the top of the reef to see your bubbles floating up like champagne, very cool. On one boat trip out to Tourcari we saw two turtles and dolphins, then on the dive we heard whale song. Cannon Site has great coral close enough for snorkeling/deco and then a nice little wreck in 70 to 80 feet to explore. Sharks Mouth (shape of the barrel sponges) is a great drift dive. And our favorite is Pole to Pole, going right under the cruise ship dock and looking at each of the poles for the dock is great. Tons of stuff on and around the poles, and lots of fish above the rocks toward shore. Plus, we again saw a seahorse on the poles—thanks to fabulous Fabien our dive master on that one. We did pole to pole twice this time because we loved it so much, once as a shore dive and once off the boat, and both were great.

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