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Mana Pools

Travel Photo by IgoUgo member

Mana Pools is located on the Zambezi River and is one of the major parks to go see wildlife. You also can go tent camping in the park. It is the only game park that I know of that allows you to get out of your vehicle whenever and wherever you feel like it. It also is the only game park that I know of that you don't have to drive to see the animals. If you are camped near the river they definitely come to you. If you have a 4X4, the park is now open year round, but if you get stuck you might not get pulled out because the park staff do not have fuel to spare for their tractors.It is very exciting to eat lunch with animals being so close.I saw lions and some more common wildlife. After 4 days there, I felt like elephants were as common as jack rabbits.Tent camping at the park is always available, maybe not pleasant during the rainy season. Lodges are booked quite a bit in advance. Do not pack fruit. Elephants have been known to knock down even the lodges for fruit.

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