Glacier National Park Stories and Tips

Eating in the Park

You'll quickly notice that there is no food service in the interior of Glacier National Park. The visitors' center at Logan Pass has water fountains, but that's it. You have two choices then, return to a park lodge at the base of the mountains on either the east or west side for lunch, or pack it with you. On our first day, we took advantage of the packed lunch option at our hotel on the east side, The Lodge at St. Mary. For $10 we got a sandwich, chips, fruit, cookie, and a bottle of water. The next day, we found the same meal already packed at the St. Mary grocery store for $3. On the west side, the grocery store in Hungry Horse has a similar package. This meant we could stay high in the mountains as long as we liked, and have our lunch perched above a glistening lake instead of at a table next to cranky tourists.

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