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Lost in the Labyrinth Chavin

It was what more I wanted to know, the famous archaeological deposit, and one of the main Inca religious centers--with his mysterious and dark runners low land. We leave very early in the morning and approximately at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, finally we could enter the temple. While we advanced the labyrinth enlarged. It was an every feat to pass through them, and to see the innumerable and enigmatic you figure facts of stone. Although the guide had recommended us not to move away neither to free us of the rope, to one of my friends occurred him himself that we set apart us of the group.

The idea was not of the every lunatic, I think; except, because no longer we could find the road and after running near an hour from a side to another a foreigner originating in Canada appeared that did not say to know the road therefore previously the already had been there. But as seems did not recall anything because we could neither leave. Just when we arranged us to sleep in company of all my friends, five on the whole, fortunately we listen noises of voices. They were two guides that to order of the tour in which we travel, they were seeking us. It was somewhat incredible and unforgettable for we that we expect return not to repeat.

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