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Farmer's Markets Abound in Providence

In the summer months there are a variety of locations where one can find delectable, farm fresh produce, meats, pasta, preserves, and more. These markets usually run during the summer and fall months, approximately June to October.

Broad Street Farmers' Market, Algonquin House, 807 Broad St., Providence, 273-9419, ext. 27. This market offers more than just produce. You can also find the occasional cooking demonstration, local musician, and activities for children.

Capitol Hill Farmers' Market, 1 Capitol Hill, Providence (across from State House), 222-2781. Thursday 11am-2pm.

DownCity Farmers' Market, 831-3771, 539-7043. This market moves around the city. For information, call.

Governer Dyer Cooperative Market, between Promenade and Valley streets, Providence, 273-8800. Daily. (I often hear of this market but have yet to actually find it...)

Hope High School, corner of Hope and Olney streets, Providence. Saturday 9:30am-12:30pm. I frequent this market most because it is close to my house. I am never disappointed with my finds and often spend a good amount of time just perusing and sampling.

Monday Market, 2 Kennedy Plaza, Providence, 378-1882, Monday 2-6 pm. This market is in the very center of the city, in the park across from the Kennedy Plaza bus terminal. Check out the gourmet pasta offered here.

Wickenden Street Farmers' Market, 65 Brook St., Providence, 635-4274, Tuesday 2-6pm.

No matter which Farmer's Market you choose, you will be sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

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