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Stone Age Rock Paintings

Travel Photo by IgoUgo member

In addition to the game drives, you can take a hike to see ancient rock paintings. The paintings are the earliest evidence of human habitation in the Waterberg region and can be traced back to the Stone Age.

The hike is mild, and the scampering to the paintings is minimal. The only real concern is running into ill-tempered buffalo. Our guide was carrying a rifle just in case. While not sure how I felt about a poor buffalo getting shot because we had the urge to scamper about, it certainly made us feel safer. Thankfully, this outing was free of animal encounters.

The paintings are well preserved in shades of ochre and white. Even the most abstract are easily identifiable. We spotted animals and human forms, some hunters and possibly shamans The only real hindrance to deciphering what the ancients are trying to represent is the abundance of paintings piled on top of each other.

For more information go to www.makweti.com and www.welgevonden.org

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