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The Tom Johnson Experience

Although we were able to get our sewer system fixed right away, the axles were another story. We just happened to have this experience, however, pre-Labor Day, and after Labor Day, Tom Johnson puts on their Annual BBQ and fireworks. So even though they got our axles fixed just prior to Labor Day weekend, we decided to stay for the celebration.

These people go all out. Barney Fife brought out his patrol car (and gave all the kids, young and old, and ride), vendors brought out their wares, and TJ brought out the food and entertainment. They started Friday evening with a bonfire and a band, then Saturday morning they fed us all breakfast. This they followed with a barbecue feast and more outstanding entertainment that lasted well into the night, topping it all off with a magnificent firework display.

I am definitely planning on being back there for 2006. The people were helpful and friendly, a real top-notch group. I understand that they are adding new sites and lots more in 2006 to their Rally Park, and I can't wait to check it out. I plan to get there early. Last year it was a first-come, first-serve basis and the sites filled up quickly.

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