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University Baptist Church (UBC)

Walking Photo, Waco, Texas

Home of the David Crowder Band and the most popular church in Waco, the UBC host concert and other events from the church as well as a weekly church service.

The UBC is one of the most unique churches I have seen. It has a very modern and fun look and feel on the inside. It is a tin-roofed building with brick sides, light bulbs that hang from the ceiling, and bright-colored paint on the walls. There is so much going on in the church that it looks as if the high school and college students decorated. This gives it a very young and welcoming feel to it. There are several classrooms and even a coffee shop/ lounge in the back.

Now, the last time I visited the chuch it was for a David Crowder Band concert. David Crowder and his band are a Christian worship group famously known from Passion CD's or One Day. David Crowder got his start here at the UBC and comes back to play concerts for his CD releases. This was the release of Collision, their latest CD.

The church is a little bit of a small place (at least when you are talking about hosting a concert), but it is a great place. Being Crowder is part of the experince and makes it fun as well. It does get hot, but it is not for long.

David Crowder is a great person, and it is easy to meet him and see him since this is such a small church--it's not like there is a high-security watch. He just walks around freely, minding his own business, and enjoys himself and entertaining the crowds.

I love coming back to this place. We go maybe once a year or so, and I look forward to it. If you are in Waco, you should check out the UBC... it is a neat place.

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