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Kingston Cove

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The outside of the buildings were in good condition and painted nice, however, the insides needed attention. 1. I was somewhat grossed out when my child accidentally dropped the TV remote down in the couch and when I lifted up the couch so my wife could get it it looked like everyone who ever stayed there left there garbage underneath it. 2. One of our guest were shocked pretty bad by the old blender that was there. All he did was pick it up by the bottom to clean the counter around it (while it was plugged in) and BOOM. He was quite upset. 3. Knifes were as dull as the tree branches outside. 4. Pantry door was missing door knob and in the second condo we rented the door for the pantry wasn't even there. 5. Maintenance crew was on top of everything when called. I was quite impressed with the fact that when you called them they were right there and fixed what ever you asked. 6. Check in staff was wonderful. 7. Check in hours of 3:30pm. to 6pm on Saturday and closed on Sunday was a little upsetting. You had to plan your trip to make sure you met the 2 1/2 hour window which didn't allow for any errors when driving there. 8. Seemed very safe and everyone around was very nice. 9. The laundry room was excellent in each condo and being off of the back screened in porch was a good idea. 10. My over all stay was a 6 on a scale from 1 to 10. For those who are going there and having to find the check in...good luck. It took us an hour to find the place because the directions were not very good at all. What help us was when someone told us to look for the mile markers on the side of the road. After the mile marker 10 look for the Burger King...look hard because it is hidden. Once you pull in to the parking lot for it the check in is way in the back of the strip mall looking place tucked back in a corner. If anyone would like, go ahead and contact me and I will give you any insight you need on the place.

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