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Planning Activities in Los Cabos - Cabo San Lucas - San Jose Del Cabo - Tourist Corridor

You’ve booked your reservations for your vacation and you have some activities in mind but you aren’t sure how or when to book them. Where do you start?

One option is to wait until you get there and make reservations as you go. This gives you an advantage in that you aren’t locked into any activities on a particular day. You may also be able to realize a savings by doing a same-day booking. This may work best if you are considering an activity but aren’t sure whether or not you really want to do it.

The choice to book in advance or not may be more dependent on the type of activity you are contemplating. For example, if you are determined to go scuba diving you should have no trouble since there are many diving vendors in Cabo San Lucas. However, there is only one facility where you can swim with dolphins, and they book up very fast (See my review on Cabo Dolphins). In some cases if you book online with the vendor you will be able to realize a savings right away, for example if you book online with Cabo Dolphins at you will get a 10% discount. Also, by booking in advance you may also be able to realize a group discount if you are going with a number of people.

Some places like Cabo San Lucas also participate in a pre-paid voucher program. For more information on this, see this website:, pre-paid vouchers can be used for activities, restaurants and hotels. Beware though that you may be limiting your options to a select number of vendors and restaurants that participate in this plan if you purchase these vouchers.

Please do not get stuck in the trap of timeshare demonstrations as a way to get free tickets and discounts to activities. In the end it isn’t worth the time unless you are truly interested in this type of investment. Often they say their presentation will only be 70 minutes long but then they turn out to be about 4 hours or longer and the tickets and discounts are not worth the time you wasted there. It often causes more stress and anxiety than anything – and didn’t you go on vacation to get away from that?

Also note that if you are a member of AAA, be sure to check out their travel website: AAA may also have discounts on airfare, hotels and rental cars and insurance.

Many local travel vendors offer money saving packages if you book a number of tours through them. For example, Baja Wild ( offers a special where you can get three tours for a discounted price. Be sure to pick a reputable vendor. (See my reviews of Baja Wild and Motosol for examples of good / bad vendors.)

Whatever way you decide to book your activity, if you enjoyed your activity and experienced good service, be sure to tip your tour guides appropriately.

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