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Getting Around Los Cabos - Cabo San Lucas / San Jose Del Cabo and the Tourist Corridor

Highway 1 can be taken from Tijuana in Baja Norte, just south of the U.S. State of California, all the way through the Baja peninsula to Los Cabos. Once you get to Highway 1 in Los Cabos, you will be in the “Tourist Corridor”—the stretch of highway which runs southwest from San Jose Del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas. This is where many of the high-end resorts are located, overlooking the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California).

There are many different transportation options in Los Cabos. Many activity vendors provide transportation free of charge. You can also rent a car, but if you are not a citizen of Mexico you will be required to purchase rental car insurance. I heard a few horror stories of car accidents and corruption within the local courts, and decided, for me, it wasn’t worth the risk—though many tourists do rent cars. You can also take a charter bus that runs back and forth between San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas for about $6, or you can take the public bus that makes many stops on Highway 1. Taking the public bus is the cheapest option and is only 3 pesos–a little over $1. You will see the bus stops along Highway 1 as they are frequent and are on the respective side of the highway in which they are going. Estimated wait time for the buses is about 15 to 20 minutes. A more fun way to get around town once you are in Cabo San Lucas is to take a water taxi or glass bottom boat, which is about $6.

Once you are in Cabo San Lucas, do not take for granted that the directions given to you by people in Los Cabos are correct—I found that many locals do not speak English well and give quick directions to the general vicinity of an establishment rather than clear-cut directions.

There are a number of different activities you can do in the Los Cabos areas, from water sports such as kayaking and snorkeling to extreme sports such as skydiving, and cultural experiences such as art tours through the small town of Todos Santos and La Paz. You can find tours online by doing a Google search, book through your hotel once you get there or use a company such as Viator. For more information on planning activities see my other journal entries on “Planning Activities in Los Cabos” and “Viator and Grayline”

There are several package deals going on for the Los Cabos area, most for staying in Cabo San Lucas. For more information on the pros and cons of staying directly in Los Cabos, see my Journal Entry entitled “Where to Stay in Los Cabos”

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