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Overview of Guesthouse, Beaches, and Food

We arrived in San Juan at 1:15pm on February 24. Since husband is wary of small planes, we took a cab to Farajdo ($80 plus .50/bag). It is only 25 miles, but took over an hour. We missed the 3pm ferry and had to take the 4:30pm cargo ferry. We didn't get to Dewey until 6:30pm—way too much time! We Stayed at Villa Boehme, a 12 room guest house. Our room had a king size bed, and a kitchen with a full-size refrigerator ($125/day). They had regular rooms (I think $99/day), with a community room that had refrigerators, microwaves, etc. Villa Boehme is two doors down from Dinghy Docks. Katherine (one of the owners??) was very pleasant. We'd recommend this place very highly.We ate at Dinghy Docks (OK food, terrible service—we had to ask for silverware twice—the atmosphere was lively). We ate at Mammacita's twice. My husband said they had the best beans and rice he'd ever eaten. I had great grouper in a sauce with a mussel on top. We also ate at Club Seaborne on a Sunday at about 6:30pm, there was only one other couple. Very impressive dining room atmosphere, and Eric was a great waiter. However, the food was disappointing. We both had a flank steak (mine was cooked well; my husband's was overdone). The problem was WAY too much cilantro was rubbed on the outside plus, it was marinated in it. The mashed yuca was good. The Pandeli Bakery was a daily stop, they had incredible sweet roles and bread. I wanted to package up the whole place and take it home with me!Went to Flamenco, Zoni, Melones Beach. They were all good in their own way. In fact, we went to Flamenco three times.We rented a jeep from Carlos. At first we were going to go with Willy's, but he never called me back when I called ahead of time from the mainland, twice. Once we got to the island I called and left a message and he did call 1/2 hour later, but we had already booked with Carlos. Only problem with Carlos was that when we brought the vehicle back on a Tuesday, there was no gas available from either one of the gas stations (we later learned gas gets delivered to the island on Wednesdays) so they charged us extra since we hadn't filled it up!! We Took the plane back to San Juan 4 days later. The price was twice as much ($183 for both us), but it only took 1/2 hour. So, it depends: if you have more money than time, take the plane! My husband was still uncomfortable with the plane... it took a few dips—I was fine with it. The little airport was more scary. When we were there they were going to work on their skylights. Luckily, they moved everybody away because three of the windows came crashing down!!Definitely go to Culebra if you want a laid back vacation, where the streets "roll up" by 11pm. Every person I came into contact with was very nice and helpful!

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