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Sunny Saturday in Door County

After securing a minivan from a friend of our friends (Wisconsin natives rock!), the group of us, three couples, headed up north into Door County. Our first stop was to an Antique Gallery. Though my husband and I flew in from Philadelphia for the trip, I was still open to looking at small items. Low and behold, I saw some ceramic mixing bowls that looked identical to ones that hand been handed down to me from my Green Bay roots! Priced at $100 to $200, I was anxious to get home and inspect the quality of my own.

The next stop was a local pub with a parking lot/field full of Harleys. It was halftime of the UW Badgers football game. We grabbed the last open table and ordered a couple of pitchers of Miller. Fried cheese curds, hamburgers, french fries, and chicken fingers were all tasty and hot. They were some of the best cheese curds I've had in a long time--melt-in-your-mouth. The Badgers started losing and the crowd got a little rowdy, so we decided it was time to move on.

Next stop, Chief Oshkosh Gallery, filled with Native American arts and crafts. I found a beautiful pair of silver and stone earrings and a hand-printed card for my mother. Next was the Simon Creek Winery. My two girlfriends and I enjoyed tasting several samples, but I was sold on the Door County Cherry Wine. It's not too sweet; I'm looking forward to serving it at Thanksgiving.

Last, we went to a corn maze. I don't know what you've heard about these, but this was FUN--and challenging! We broke up into our three couples and raced each other to see who could get through all of the points the fastest. Mind you, we're 30 years old and were acting and feeling like kids. My husband and I won one of the two rounds. We were happy and satisfied.

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