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Friday Night Fish Fry

The thing to do on a Friday night in Northeast Wisconsin? FISH FRY! Stop by your neighborhood pub and pack it in amongst the smoke and locals to get your hearty portion of beer battered perch, cod, or walleye. The pub that my friends brought us to that night was standing room only. We ordered our drinks and stood against the bar as the waitresses maneuvered their way past us with steaming trays of french fries, cole slaw, a piles of fried fish. We placed our order while standing amongst the flannel shirt-wearing older locals. By the time we were done with our second round, a table was cleared for us, and our dinner was served.

The cole slaw was served family-style - one dish per table. The fish and fries were piled on top of a plate layered with rye bread on the bottom. I barely made it through half of the portion, and I'm a good eater. The quality was excellent; the perch was firm and not fishy at all. Do I even need to bother to mention that cold beer is a must with your Friday night fish? I prefer a local Wisconsin brew, Leinenkugels Red Lager. After dinner, we went back to our friend's house and continued drinking and playing poker into the night.

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