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Table Mountain falls victim to massive fire

Massive Fire on Table Mountain Photo, Cape Town, South Africa

It is amazing: Mother Nature’s power. Yesterday a massive fire started on the lower slopes of Table Mountain, South Africa's most important landmark. In no time, the fire ate it self a way to the top and along the face of the mountain, with Lion's Head as its destination.

Three fire helicopters flew off and on, trying to calm down the fire. Until 8pm that is, thus after sunset. The nightfall in combination with the strong wind and the low visibility made it impossible for the pilots to continue their job.

On moment of writing, the fires are under control. But the fire brigade remains on high alert and just like yesterday afternoon, the three fire helicopters try to do their utmost best to water bomb the fires and the smoldering remains of fynbos and trees.

At this stage, Table Mountain and Lion's Head look like charcoal sketches, smoking in the breeze. And it is this breeze that is so incredibly dangerous; in this part of the country a breeze can rapidly turn into a strong southeasterly wind, which will certainly feed the remaining fires and make them flare up.
While standing next to the water reservoir with my camera, while the helicopters one by one filled up, I felt intrigued and sad at the same time. Yes, I was morbidly fascinated by what I saw. Fire is interesting. I also felt sadness; this fire, like other this season, was caused by a cigarette bud. Besides from nature being ravaged, one person died: a 65-year-old lady who was out walking on the lower slopes of the mountain.

I do have to admit: I am a smoker. But as a smoker, I also know that you just do not smoke in nature!. The results are simply too devastating. This events proves it once again.

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