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Road Trip

One January I took a skiing road trip with my parents. We drove though Texas and the northeast corner of New Mexico and then on up into Colorado. We stopped in the Colorado town of Cripple Creek and looked around for several hours. This town has several casinos, but they are not like the ones you usually see. It is an Old West town and the casinos are in old buildings. They are not tall and shiny like you normally think of a casino being.



We spent the night a night in Snowmass, Colorado. This was a really nice town. It is next to Aspen, and we went to Aspen and ate at the Hard Rock Café. Our hotel was walking distance to the ski area. The area also had heated streets and sidewalks so you did not have to walk or drive in the snow. The hotel was pretty costly, though.



The next day I skied Snowmass and absolutely loved the ski area. The people were very friendly, and I made ski friends quickly. That night we drove a little farther to a town with cheaper rooms and then got up the next morning and headed for Telluride, Colorado. We spent 2 nights in Telluride, and that was plenty for me. I was very disappointed in this area. The town was very small and had a trapped feeling by being in a small valley between the mountains. We skied in the Telluride ski area the next day and it was a disappointment, too. The snow was pretty good, but there was a lot of pushing in this area. No matter what slope I tried, I always ended up on a flat area.



We spent the night again and were planning on leaving early the next day, but the roads were closed due to the snow and avalanches the night before. It was around lunch before we were able to leave.



We went to Taos, New Mexico, to spend a couple nights. We arrived in the afternoon due to leaving late and having to drive in very heavy snow. The drive was awful, as visibility was near zero. We finally made it, though, got a nice suite, and ate at the Mexican restaurant in the hotel. The next morning we looked around and went to the Indian casinos close to town. They were really neat and unlike what I had seen before. They do not have drinking or smoking and are only open for certain hours, not all night.



That afternoon I skied at the Taos ski area and was pretty disappointed here, too. The slopes were really icy and there had just been a fresh snow. I don’t know what the deal was with that, maybe the way the sun hits the mountain. We spent one that night and then headed back home. This was a really good trip because we got to see and ski several different areas and see some beautiful scenery.

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