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Croc Tour

croc tour Photo, Playa Herraduras, Costa Rica

At the hotel, like most, they had a booth with brochures for tours. Wanting to experience Costa Rica, I asked the concierge which would have more local flavor. They recommended the crocodile man tour. This was a very good tour for bird-watchers and croc enthusiasts. Getting there was quite an experience. After getting off the main road, it is about a mile to the tour office. This is situated in a quaint little town. There are two seemingly rival tour companies that offer the same exact tour, so choose whichever you want. You need reservations. They take you out on the river and tell you about the wildlife. Then you see scarlet macaws and other birds. They have binoculars. The finale of the tour is when they feed the giant crocs. When I say giant, I mean giant. They get the crocs to jump up to this man's hand when he smacks a chicken on its nose. It's cool, but I'll let you see it. After I got back, I was watching the Discovery Channel, and there was a documentary called "The Crocs of Costa Rica," and they actually went on the tour we did. There was a different tour guide though.

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