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A Great Time Screaming

The screams you hear can only mean one thing — the monsters have returned to Scream at the Beach. This collection of haunted houses in Portland, Oregon, features low-gore, family-friendly attractions, but that’s not to say that they’re not scary. The Scream at the Beach website claims 224 wet pants in 2004. Everywhere we turned there were people exclaiming, "I just wet my pants," as wave upon wave of monsters made their attack. We especially enjoyed the dark mazes where creatures with glowing eyes ran around the floors and crawled up the walls.

It was our second trip to this event, and we plan to return again this year. The crew works on this production all year-round to create the highly detailed environments that make the experiences so real. They also make use of animations created by the same people who build creatures for major amusement parks, so you can place your expectations high and not be disappointed.

Guest comments on the website say it all, and reviewers have consistently rated it as the top event in the Pacific Northwest. Industry peers say that it’s one of the top haunted-house productions in the country, and I agree.

The best time to go is early in the month, to avoid long lines later. We also recommend going on a weeknight instead of a weekend, when crowds pack the place.

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