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More Specifics about Mustang Beach Club

We met some people who recommended this place because it has "character." The problems with this resort do not fit my description of "character"--they just spell gross. They were as disgusted as us, and they hadn't even seen any bugs yet. My 4-year-old picked up a dead cockroach within 5 minutes of arriving. Later we found bugs on our newly unpacked clothing, in a water jug we washed out a few hours earlier, under our bed sheets, under the glass table as we were eating breakfast, on the kitchen counter, under my daughter's pillow, etc. Yuck!

In addition, the carpet is badly stained in several places. The eating area light was just resting on the light bulb, and the couch is a stained futon. They say they drain the hot tub between visitors and that it takes 8 to 10 hours to heat up. We had to wait for them to finish "cleaning" our unit when we got there and the hot tub water was already hot (so obviously never drained). The walls were dirty. I had to wash all the dishes in the kitchen before using them, and some of them were unusable. A nonstick frying pan was badly scratched and had leftover burnt food stuck on it. The kitchen burners had tin foil under all the burners (just tacky). The beds felt like they were going to collapse as soon as you sat down on them. My husband looked under one and found that there was no box spring, just a few boards nailed together (and several bugs crawling around). The manager said they were 2 years old. The paint is chipping and there was dirt in corners. My son's feet were dirty after just walking around. The shower had great water pressure, but the shower head is very low, so we had to bend over to use it.

There were a lot of other problems, but this is the highlight. We stayed 2 nights until we could get in touch with the manager because she wasn't in the office when we went by and did not respond to our note and phone call. RCI was very gracious and helped us out. We moved out of there and had a wonderful vacation in spite of this dump of a place. We checked out the Sundial Mustang Towers while we were on the island for our next stay (they were full the week we were there). Although it's not a Gold Crown resort nor the nicest place we've been, it certainly is clean and friendly and appears to be a place we could stay and have fun on our next trip to Port Aransas.

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