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The New Amusement Park

Splash Tower Photo, Flint, Michigan

Indoor water parks seem to be the hit of the new millennium. We stayed at two this summer, one in Sandusky, OH, and the other in our own backyard. For $155 for the night at Zehnder's Splash Village, we got four admission tickets from check-in, good until 4pm the next day, to the water park.

Zehnder's had two high tube slides that you have to climb several stories to get to. I was nearly always winded. Once you reach the bottom, you are directed into a lazy river with a series of dump buckets, water squirters, and a waterfall to keep you soaked. There is a kidding pool with a variety of swings, slides, and erupting fountains of water.

The highlight here, like all indoor water parks, is the 200-gallon bucket of water that tips and douses those below it, spilling through a safety fence into the kidding pool. There is also another water slide and a series of water-spraying gadgets to play with along the way.

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