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Strollin' and Shoppin'

Shopping Photo, Guangzhou, China

The island economy tends to cater to the adoptive parents. All the shops offer cute little dresses, squeaky shoes (imagine a dog's toy on the feet of a toddler running around your house), and various authentic Chinese souvenirs. One shop in particular really went out of its way to sell to my wife, and it worked. She got bargains without even trying to barter for 3 straight days.

Adopting parents will buy a special gift to give to their adopted child each year up until the child turns 18. This day is called Gotcha Day, which is the day the parents first were handed their child. Most people wind up buying an extra suitcase just for the gifts.

In addition to the shops, there are some amazing restaurants and one little grocery store called The Friendly Store, where we discovered Mint Sprite, Salmon Lays, and the most incredible Kit Kats ever--orange-flavored, not white chocolate dyed orange, but creamy, dark, chocolaty orange-flavored Kit Kats. (Gimme a break--sell those here!)

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